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RAW Powders™ Fluoro Phenibut 10 g

RAW Powders™ Fluoro Phenibut 10 g

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Key benefits:

  • Pure Phenibut powder
  • Helps to decrease stress
  • Helps to improve sleep and recovery



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F-Phenibut (also known as Fluorophenibut, and Fluorobut) is a central nervous system depressant and closely related structural analog of phenibut. F-Phenibut possesses an effect profile similar to phenibut but with a faster onset, significantly increased potency, and shorter total duration.[citation needed] It has recently become available through online research chemical vendors, although little is known about this substance, particularly its potential toxicity and addiction potential.

Why should i take it? Phenibut is just a modified version of the naturally occurring GABA neurotransmitter; their chemical structures are virtually identical except for an additional phenyl side group in Phenibut. Once it interacts with the central nervous system, it is able to help lower levels of over-excitement within the brain. More specifically, it decreases some of the sensitivity of your neurons to the neurochemical messages sent between areas of the brain. 

Key benefits
Helps to improve anxiety disorders
Helps to improve tension
Helps to improve fears and phobias
Helps to improve insomnia
Helps to improve depression
Purity check board
The optimal daily dosage of F-Phenibut is 50-600 mg. We recommend trying out small dosages at first and do not exceed the recommended dosage. Phenibut has quite a long half life which means that you should take it and wait for a few hours for the effect to appear. 
Not recomended with
Nutritional information
Pure Phenibut (Fluorophenibut).
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