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How do we protect the personal data of our purchasers?

When purchasing our production customers are being asked to provide some of their personal data: name, surname, e-mail address as well as both billing and delivery addresses. This is being used for the identification of the purchaser, accuracy, smooth delivery of the production and fraud detection and research. RAW POWDERS™ confirms that all the provided data are being taken as confidential in accordance with the registration we have with the Data Commissioner's office.

Will the purchaser’s personal data be passed on to the third parties?

We provide two ways of the purchase – by doing so as a registered client or the guest. In both cases buyer’s personal information remains confidential and is not being provided for any third parties unless that is being required to disclose them by law or if a customer violates RAW POWDERS™ Terms and Conditions.

How secure the payments on www.rawpowders.co.uk are?

As the online payment security is a major concern to many customers, for this we’ve chosen the most reliable payment platform, being widely used in the whole world: all the payments are being done through the secure PayPal system. Buyer’s credit card details will never be used without his personal consent.

What is our policy against Internet frauds?

Our company is taking all the possible measures to avoid the Internet frauds on www.rawpowders.co.uk Website. Due to this company reserves all the rights to contact the purchaser for security checks to ascertain his identity. If any signs of fraudulent transactions are being noticed we are immediately reporting about them to relevant authorities.

How does the whole sale process on the RAW POWDERS™ Website is being clarified?

Whole detailed information, covering the sale process on the www.rawpowders.co.uk Website, is being clarified by RAW POWDERS™ Terms and Conditions. All the customers, in any way using the www.rawpowders.co.uk Website, automatically accept RAW POWDERS™ Terms and Conditions.