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5 Signs you Need Nootropics in your Life
Taking health supplements (e.g. multivitamins) is very popular, especially in the spring time. Yet, many people seem to be quite sceptical about cognitive supplements (Nootropics). We use our brain extensively every day and it is common to feel less focused or concentrated sometimes. Also, many people experience memory problems and mood swings. Emotional disorders are usually cured by taking strong medication, but it can be improved using brain enhancing supplements as well. Nootropics may be used in many different conditions. Here is a list of 5 signs indicating that you need nootropics i..
5 Best Nootropics For Newbies
Choosing the right nootropics for beginners might be a very difficult task as the supply is really high. By stacking nootropics, you can get the most of different compounds, although it requires the knowledge and experience. We created the list of the most effective and safest nootropics and nootropic stacks that we recommend to try out for beginners. CAFFEINE + L-THEANINE This nootropic stack has a strong positive effect on memory and focus, is easy and safe to use. L-Theanine reduces the negative effects of caffeine (e.g. irritability) and enhances its positive effe..
Noopept - The Best Nootropic For Concentration
Have you noticed that more and more people have complaints related to their mental health nowadays? Students often lack attention and deal with weakened memory function, people working in the offices complain about concentration problems and people who seem to have it all feel like they have lost the joy of life. Usually those problems are not considered as serious until they start interfering with daily life. Some start seeing a psychologist and others seek help in various medicine: antidepressants, vitamins, etc. What if the solution to all those problems is really simple, you just d..
Melatonin - Health, Sleep And Beyond

Sun and light not only affects mood, but also has a direct effect on our overall wellbeing, especially sleep quality. Light influences production and balance of hormone melatonin in human body.

L-Theanine – All You Need For A Good Night's Sleep

We all know the benefits of tea – it has rejuvenating, relaxing effect, boosts the ability to concentrate and improves mood.

Phenibut – it actually works

Living in a stressful environment is almost everyone’s reality nowadays. Do you imagine that taking one capsule a day can result in reduced stress, improved sleep quality and mood? 

Significant Information for Raw Powders Ltd customers

We have recently applied a few minor changes to our business management system and would like to clarify some essential information for our customers.